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2bbl-3bbl Nano BrewHouse

Pilot Brewing System/Nano Brewing System




Heated Method:Electric,Direct Fire,

Skid Mounted Set Up Or Individual Vessels Set Up



Mash Tun(Option:RIMS)

Kettle with whirpool



Heat Exchanger/Plate Chiller

Inline Oxygenation System

Wort Grant

Hop Back/Hop Gun

Wort Strainer


Brite tanks/Serving tanks

Glycol Chiller/Glycol Tank/CLT

Kegs/Keg Washer

CIP Cleaning Cart


Supply:Sanitary Valves/Fittings/Gauges etc


Build your Own dream brewery with SunGood’s Support

We have fabricated and built many hundreds of breweries around the world,specially in North American Market. We would love to help you on pilot system,nano system or Micro system.


Whether you’re growing your brewery or just getting started, we have the equipment and engineering expertise that can take you to next step.


All of the features and benefits of industrial scale brewing equipment, engineered into small brewery systems.Sanitary construction with food grade valves, sanitary welds and tri clamp fittings.

Durably built and engineered to commercial standards.

Support throughout the process from our experienced brewery designers. 


Grow your brewery,need more cellar tanks?

Need to add fermenters or brite tanks to your cellar? Please contact us for details/drawings/prices/shipping cost.

If you need to expand your brewhouse, we can design a new system for you


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Mobile Number: 0086-18057797975