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Direct Fired Brewhouse

Micro Brewhouses-

2,3 and 4 vessels Brewhouse Systems

Available Capacities in 1/2 bbl-30bbl For Brewhouses,1/2bbl-200bbl For Fermenter&Brite Tanks

Steam,Direct Fired,And Electric Heat

VFD Rakes and Auto Grain Out Plow

CE,UL,CUL,CSA Listed Gearmotor

SS 304 Construction

Fully Insulated

SS304 High Quality Brewing Platform And Stairs

Grist Hydrator with Gate Valve

Heat Exchanger with Inline Oxygenation System

Sparge Ring Assembly

Hop Back,Grant,Filter

UL Listed/CUL Listed Pumps

Complete Customsized Design and Fabricate

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