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Ribbon Blender

Double Ribbon Blender to mix vitamin,powder,herbs etc


&Automatic discharge valve;

&Control Panel with a safety device;

&VFD Control Speed Rate;

&Cover lid with gas cylinders-Gas springs help cover open/close easily;

&Top with safety grid for manual feeding;

&Timer to control the mixing time;

&Casters/Wheels as option

Horizontal Dual Ribbon Mixer-

The Horizontal Screw Belt Mixer is a new type,high efficiency mixing machine,are widely used in food and chemical industry,it comes with following characters;

1)Horizontal tank body,need small space but more capacity;

2)Dual screw structure-inner screw push the materials from center to sides and the outer screw push the materials from sides to center to make the materials effective mixing;

3)Gearbox drive the auger shaft,low noise and low malfuction,long using life;

4)U-shape tank bottom,better for materials discharge and cleaning;

5)Pneumatic cylinder to control the discharging;

6)Shaft and tank sealed well,no dust leak off and without pollution;

7)Control panel simple and easy operate,with timer to set the mixing time;

8)High effective,it can be mixed evenly within 3 minutes

9)Top can be add the sprayer to mixer the liquid materials

Effective Volume:Optional

Rotary Speed:0-60rpm


Electric Drive Power:1.1KW-20KW....

Power Supply:110v-600v,50hz/60hz,single phase/3phases


FAX: 0086-577-86662150

Mobile Number: 0086-18057797975