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Symbiosis Fermenters-Kombucha


The specific design of kombucha fermenter is for commercial kombucha production ideally

allowing you to ferment faster and giving you control of the alcohol content of your final product

Stackable,you can put them on the shelf/Rack
Tri-Clamp outlet
Individual trays provide contact to oxygen,allowing the aerobic bacteria to metabolize ethanol to acetic acid,sugars to lactic acid, 

and glucose to gluconic acid;

Single wall construction with large surface area allows brewer to maintain optimum fermentation temperature through ambient room temperature
The fermenter trays include a lip around the perimeter to secure cheesecloth or other screening material”
Ethanol is metabolized to acetic acid much faster, promoting faster and more complete fermentation.
Balance of Symbiosis is shifted toward bacteria,reducing overall alcohol production, and yielding better flavor profiles

By consistently producing less alcohol during fermentation.   

The unique, kombucha specific shape allows ethanol to be metabolized to acetic acid much faster, 

promoting faster and more complete fermentation.  


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