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Sanitary Welding&Polishings

Electrical power requirements:110V-600V,50HZ/60HZ,30amps-200amps

Heating elements is available

Manual Control Panel is available

All in one system,only for electric heated


A Complete one brewing process will be completed in a vessel.

Very affordable,Very Economical,Very simplest way to brew your best beer.


1.  Mash

Water for mashing is added to the 3-in-1 and heated.The mash basket/colander is inserted into the 3 in 1 and grain added.

Mash Temp is regulated by the control panel.

2. Lauter

When mashing is complete,the grain will be removed by raising the mash basket.

The wort filter through the spent grain and into 3 in 1.Sparging water can be added to rinse the grain as the mash basket is raised.

3. Boil

Boiling in the 3 in 1 provided perfect,chemical-free sanitation.Once boiling is competed,the wort is chilled by passing cold water through the 3 in 1 jacket.

4. Ferment

When the wort reaches yeast-pitching temp,protein is removed out of bottom and the wort is aerated.Fermentating temp is regulated by control panel/control the cooling water pass through the jacket.


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